Professional development

The Office for the SCS offers training programmes and development tools intended to develop cognitive skills and management competencies. The Office for the SCS also encourages people to develop in several different contexts. Therefore, it also provides interim managers for projects, programmes or issues involving change.

Training programmes and development tools

  • Professional Government Administration Programme
    This programme comprises five modules: Democracy and Constitution; ICT; International; Finances & Economy and Change: Policy & Organisation. SCS APP primarily targets the cognitive aspects of civil service professionalism. The modules focus on areas of knowledge that are important for all members of the target group. Input for each module comes from experts both within and outside government. With their help, a programme has been established that includes state-of-the art essential knowledge for senior civil servants.
  • Candidates programme
    Investing in the quality of senior managers starts by identifying talent. The Office for the SCS has a special long-term development programme for talented managers: the SCS Candidates Programme.
  • Programme for potential Top Management Group
    The Office for the SCS offers a special programme for managers with potential for the TMG. This means people who are in principle eligible for appointment as a director-general.
  • Peer Consulting
    With SCS Peer Consulting the Office for the SCS offers managers in government, the municipalities, provinces, police and independent administrative bodies an effective method for professional and personal development. The participants develop by consulting with their peers. They reflect on themselves and become acquainted with other organisational cultures and working methods.