Recruitment and career counselling


The Office for the SCS has a policy of merit-based appointment and aims to recruit the best candidate for the right position. The quality of the civil service is enhanced by transparent procedures and an open system in which any qualified person may be eligible for an SCS position. The selection procedure takes place based on a job profile determined in advance, in which the required competencies play a central role. The selection process follows a standard procedure that is transparent for all parties involved. The Office for the SCS applies two procedures: the general selection process and the selection procedure for the TMG. In addition to the specific requirements for the position, candidates must also meet the SCS admittance criteria. SCS managers must meet at least two out of the four criteria listed below; TMG members must meet three out of the four criteria:

  • experience within at least two ministries;
  • experience within at least two of the following contexts: policy, staff, operations, inspection;
  • international experience;
  • experience outside of the central government.

Career counselling

The career counselling offered by the Office for the SCS is based on maintaining the mobility of managers in accordance with a 3-5-7 model and anticipating the next career move. The 3-5-7 model assumes that managers begin to focus on their next move after three years and ideally make the move after five years, but at most after seven. Every year, the Office for the SCS organises the SCS review, together with the ministries. This review involves a discussion of the need for, and potential of managers in strategic positions within national government. These discussions form the basis for further exploring managers’ career preferences and possibilities or stages of development.