Recruitment and career counseling


The Office for the SCS has a policy of merit-based appointment and aims to recruit the best candidate for the right position. The quality of the civil service is enhanced by transparent procedures and an open system in which any qualified person may be eligible for an SCS position. The civil service values

  • managers with a wide range of experience, who can be employed in a variety of functions;

  • diverse, versatile teams.

Career counseling

The career counselling offered by the Office for the SCS is based on maintaining the mobility of managers. Mangers are expected to stay for five to seven years and then move to another position. Every year, the Office for the SCS organises the SCS review, together with the ministries. This review involves a discussion of the need for, and potential of managers in strategic positions within national government. These discussions form the basis for further exploring managers’ career preferences and possibilities or stages of development.