Special tasks

More women within the SCS

In the government agreement of 2012 it was agreed that the SCS would be made up of at least 30% women by 2017.
The Office for the SCS is therefore working with the departments to increase the recruitment of women within the SCS. The strategy being adopted is to ensure that there is sufficient female potential below the senior level that can be promoted upwards.
The Office for the SCS intends actively to position female talent in vacancies and, where possible, even earlier with a view to achieving potential matches. Women are explicitly invited to apply for all SCS positions. All shortlists for SCS and Top Management positions include at least one female candidate. Selection committees also include at least one woman on the panel. These measures are based on an effort to achieve a more varied and diverse staff within central government.

Further development of services

The government agreement also states that the services of the Office for the SCS provides, will be further development to public IABs and the transfer of staff with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Senior-level income policy

The remuneration of administrators within the public sector is linked to the current level of a minister’s salary. For this reason, senior-level incomes in the public and semi-public sector are based on this level. The Top Management Group meets the set standard for remuneration,  because of the moderate and controlled remuneration policy that has been conducted for several years now.